Can companies survive without Social Media?

If we think about what we see and hear on a daily basis in terms of interaction between people, social media will without a doubt make an appearance somewhere along the line. With half the social scene being online via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and countless other media platforms, can businesses afford not to tap into that source of interaction?

With roughly 100 million people using Twitter and 500 million people using Facebook, the biggest conversations taking place are online. Businesses, both big and small, can really benefit from joining the social media world. The days of Yellow Pages are fading, and social media and word of mouth are replacing them.

Has word of mouth really crossed over to the digital world? And are we playing a global game of Chinese whispers? Starting conversations online is easy. There is no pretense, no awkward silences or conversation starters, just short sharp paragraphs of the current topic.

And the content is available to more than friends. It can be accessed by multiple infrastructures, which is where networking becomes effective. And with icons such as @ and # being used, conversations can be targeted and reach the correct audiences. There is also an essence of permanent. Unless deleted, the conversation can appear once again in future situations and commented on, creating new ideas and interpretations; Chinese whispers for the 22nd century generation.

SME’s can especially benefit from social media as word of mouth and recommendations are of major importance to fuel a company’s revenue. Corporate companies can also effectively use social media to extend and promote their marketing and media campaigns.