Calling all Employers!

Please complete our survey, which has been designed as part of our tackling unemployment campaign.

3D Change and the South London Jobs Fair are passionate about tackling youth unemployment and we are dedicated to reduce the current statistics within the public and housing sectors. We are striving to place social housing tenants in employment.

The South London Jobs Fair was created to place prospective candidates in front of the right and relevant employers and vice versa. We understand that it is difficult in this economical climate to find the ideal candidates and through the South London Jobs Fair we aim to eradicate this problem!

Once you have completed the survey, please send any additional comments to

Also, for more information on attending or sponsoring the South London Jobs Fair and place your company in the forefront of the industry through incentives and hiring fresh and innovative employees please call 020 8657 7168 or visit for further information.

Everyone has their opinions and we want to hear them!