Career number: Quality or Quantity?

When job seekers are looking for work, potential employers will take a look at their career history to see where they have worked, what they have done and how long they have done worked at a particular establishment. But how many jobs are too many?

If an employer is interviewing two potential candidates and one candidate has only had two jobs, where the second candidate has had several jobs, which potential employee will have add more value to the business? And what is more questionable; a candidate who has had several jobs, or several positions – all of which are not moving up the career ladder

Having many jobs on your CV can mean two different things. That the candidate has learnt numerous skills and gained lots of experience, or that the person is fickle and gets bored and moves on quickly meaning that employer has a fear that an employee will not benefit the company or move on to work for a competitor. Loyalty is extremely important, as it is so difficult to maintain a high staff retention rate.

And having less jobs and positions on your CV can be just as two sided. It shows commitment in an individual and they are able to cope with the long term. It shows loyalty and dedication to the company and the job. However, it can also show that a candidate doesn’t progress easily up the ladder or that they may not have career aspirations. Many employers do not want staff they want a mogul!

Have your say! Does having a lot of jobs show ambition to climb the career ladder or does it say uncommitted? Does having fewer jobs say committed and hard working or unambitious?

There are two major factors that affect your CV – the job itself that the individual is working in, and the economy. The recent recession is causing companies to go into administration or make large cuts causing redundancies and forcing people out of work. And lack of jobs and high unemployment rates mean that gaps are larger between jobs, and people have no choice but to explore other routes including volunteering, internships and temp work. This means that people are in jobs for a shorter period of time, and they are in several more jobs than people who are settled in their career.

This is why employers conduct interviews. It provides the employer with an insight into the potential employee and if you are open and honest about your CV, you will gain respect and empathy from the interviewer and they will be able to gain a thorough understanding of your career history and you as a person.

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Win your company more business!

The British Government currently spends £220bn on products and services and is striving to ensure that more SME’s, Charities and Social Enterprises deliver them. This ensures that organisations and businesses become an integral part of the ‘Big Society’ and fostering growth in our local and national economies.

To ensure that this successful, the Government is using e-procurement tools and implementing frameworks to make procurement process function more efficiently.

South London Jobs Fair will help you and your business to identify opportunities in the marketplace, which will help expand your business and win you work within the Public Sector.

Public Sector Procurement will be a major topic for discussion at the event with leading focal areas being

–       Policy Development and Compliance

–       PPQ Development and Compliance

–       PPQ Support

–       Tender Writing

–       Bid Writing

–       Tender Presentations

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E-learning lets your business prosper

Successful companies understand that Disability and Discrimination awareness is not just about ensuring legal compliance and implementing a framework of policies and procedures. They understand that it also consists of ensuring managers and staff genuinely understands the fundamental principles involved.

E-learning courses are designed to develop your company and staff retention rate by creating a responsive business, which thrives on good and ethical practice.

These courses are easy to follow and raise awareness about equality and the issues entailed. They also highlight the most relevant aspects of disability legislation. They help businesses to work effectively with disabled customers and colleagues, which adds value to your company.

E-learning courses have been proven to reduce risk, educate your staff and protect your organisation.

Does volunteering help boost your career?

When it comes to finding work, a lot of employers want a capable and qualified candidate, but one of the most important things they seek in a potential employee is a positive attitude towards their community and evidence of a good and proactive work ethic. There are a lot of people who will be more or as qualified as you are, and when an employer is choosing between two people with the same credentials they often look for what a person has achieved outside of their career.

Volunteering is not only a brilliant way for people to give back to their community; it is also hugely beneficial to the individual and their potential employer.

However, volunteering is indisputably essential in building confidence, skills and character to prepare job seekers for the real world and there are many programs out there both nationally and internationally, however, in order for a volunteer to gain adequate training to present to a prospective employer, a volunteering program needs to be carefully chosen and the training provided should lead to some vocational opportunities.

To get out of this current economical situation, is volunteering or internships necessary? Or do we need to stimulate demand?

Internships v Apprenticeship

Getting into work, or back into work can be very difficult. As hard as it is to find a job that suits you, it is just as difficult for companies to find employees that suit them, and if you are hard working and passionate then they do want you, it’s just that getting the opportunity to meet with such great employers is difficult. South London Jobs Fair is giving jobseekers this opportunity and will see a vast range of exhibitors with plenty of jobs with something that will suit you. With such a wide range of sectors available, you could go for an internship or apprenticeship in your chosen field. Internships can help the right candidate gain hands on industry experience, giving them the opportunity to work their way up the ladder. Apprenticeships are also very beneficial as you will earn money whilst gaining a qualification in your chosen area.