South London Jobs Fair 2012

Yesterday saw hundreds of people actively looking for jobs in once place, and that place was the South London Jobs Fair.

Taking place at Fairfield Halls, Croydon, the Jobs Fair witnessed consistent crowds of people coming through the door between 10am and 4pm making the first annual South London Jobs fair a huge success.

The South London Jobs Fair was designed and organised by 3D Change to tackle the increasing rise of unemployment. The South London Jobs Fair worked with numerous sponsors and exhibitors from the public and housing sectors and strived (and succeeded) to place the right candidates in front of the right employers.

Exhibitors at the South London Jobs Fair included major companies and organisations within the public and housing sectors as well as local Governments and authorities. Ikea, The Cooperative, Smith and Byford, The Job Centre, Reed, Chequers Contracts, See That, A J Harland, Affinity Solutions and the London Fire Brigade were amongst those in attendance. And with presentations, workshops and CV clinics, which also proved successful, potential candidates, were able to use the event to network, learn new skills and gain access to information and advice that wouldn’t necessarily be available elsewhere. The rate of response from jobseekers was summarised perfectly on Twitter this morning by Chequers Contracts, an exhibitor at the event.

The South London Jobs Fair was also created to help tackle the social housing issue. Social housing is a major topic currently, and housing associations and local Governments are prioritising incentives to get residents out of social housing into permanent residence.

The response from the event has been astounding, and jobseekers were provided with excellent advice and information and are now able to understand what options are available to them. With many companies offering different solutions including direct job opportunities, volunteering, apprenticeships, internships, work experience programs and training, job seekers were able to approach relevant exhibitors and sponsors directly placing them in front of the right employer and providing employers with potential candidates who have a genuine interest in the company and positions, who is willing to work and who is enthusiastic, therefore automatically improving a companies staff retention rate.

The South London Jobs Fair was designed to help people gain permanent residence, and get people get back into work. With the rate of response, the amount of CV’s that were collected and the diligence of the conversations that were taking place, the South London Jobs Fair is tackling unemployment directly and winning!


Win your company more business!

The British Government currently spends £220bn on products and services and is striving to ensure that more SME’s, Charities and Social Enterprises deliver them. This ensures that organisations and businesses become an integral part of the ‘Big Society’ and fostering growth in our local and national economies.

To ensure that this successful, the Government is using e-procurement tools and implementing frameworks to make procurement process function more efficiently.

South London Jobs Fair will help you and your business to identify opportunities in the marketplace, which will help expand your business and win you work within the Public Sector.

Public Sector Procurement will be a major topic for discussion at the event with leading focal areas being

–       Policy Development and Compliance

–       PPQ Development and Compliance

–       PPQ Support

–       Tender Writing

–       Bid Writing

–       Tender Presentations

Please visit for further information about these discussion points.

Blogging: A wage earner?

Creating a blog isn’t the first thing you think of when looking for jobs. There are thousands available; each with different content, and with social media becoming a vital stat on your CV, why wouldn’t you consider going down the route of a blog? Not only will it place you in a great position as a candidate as it showcases your writing skills, knowledge of blogging and social media, expresses your opinions and displays your marketing skills, it can also be a great hobby.

However, what if blogging could become a professional full time paid job? Being paid to create editorial content on personal blogs is an upcoming trend and an interesting debate – which we will go into later – with lots of bloggers accepting payment from various sources to review products and brands.

And in some cases, where bloggers do not want to compromise their editorial content or opinion, it is possible to find other methods of earning revenue through blogs which can include advertising, advising or working closely with other companies and adding content to their company blogs.

Either way, if you enjoy writing and you have a particular interest you feel passionately about, starting a blog is a good place to express your ideas, opinions, likes and dislikes and once you have an extensive list of subscribers you can start considering revenue options. And who knows, once your blog is established and you have found a niche in the market, you can consider blogging as a full time job. 

Internships v Apprenticeship

Getting into work, or back into work can be very difficult. As hard as it is to find a job that suits you, it is just as difficult for companies to find employees that suit them, and if you are hard working and passionate then they do want you, it’s just that getting the opportunity to meet with such great employers is difficult. South London Jobs Fair is giving jobseekers this opportunity and will see a vast range of exhibitors with plenty of jobs with something that will suit you. With such a wide range of sectors available, you could go for an internship or apprenticeship in your chosen field. Internships can help the right candidate gain hands on industry experience, giving them the opportunity to work their way up the ladder. Apprenticeships are also very beneficial as you will earn money whilst gaining a qualification in your chosen area.