Can companies survive without Social Media?

If we think about what we see and hear on a daily basis in terms of interaction between people, social media will without a doubt make an appearance somewhere along the line. With half the social scene being online via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and countless other media platforms, can businesses afford not to tap into that source of interaction?

With roughly 100 million people using Twitter and 500 million people using Facebook, the biggest conversations taking place are online. Businesses, both big and small, can really benefit from joining the social media world. The days of Yellow Pages are fading, and social media and word of mouth are replacing them.

Has word of mouth really crossed over to the digital world? And are we playing a global game of Chinese whispers? Starting conversations online is easy. There is no pretense, no awkward silences or conversation starters, just short sharp paragraphs of the current topic.

And the content is available to more than friends. It can be accessed by multiple infrastructures, which is where networking becomes effective. And with icons such as @ and # being used, conversations can be targeted and reach the correct audiences. There is also an essence of permanent. Unless deleted, the conversation can appear once again in future situations and commented on, creating new ideas and interpretations; Chinese whispers for the 22nd century generation.

SME’s can especially benefit from social media as word of mouth and recommendations are of major importance to fuel a company’s revenue. Corporate companies can also effectively use social media to extend and promote their marketing and media campaigns.


Win your company more business!

The British Government currently spends £220bn on products and services and is striving to ensure that more SME’s, Charities and Social Enterprises deliver them. This ensures that organisations and businesses become an integral part of the ‘Big Society’ and fostering growth in our local and national economies.

To ensure that this successful, the Government is using e-procurement tools and implementing frameworks to make procurement process function more efficiently.

South London Jobs Fair will help you and your business to identify opportunities in the marketplace, which will help expand your business and win you work within the Public Sector.

Public Sector Procurement will be a major topic for discussion at the event with leading focal areas being

–       Policy Development and Compliance

–       PPQ Development and Compliance

–       PPQ Support

–       Tender Writing

–       Bid Writing

–       Tender Presentations

Please visit for further information about these discussion points.

Tackling youth unemployment

Youth unemployment has reached alarming new heights and statistics estimate that over 1 million people aged between 16-24 are now unemployed.

These unemployment rates spread throughout the United Kingdom, with the worse affected areas being in the North East of England, London and Wales.

The Government has offered various solutions to the problem, from investment in training and apprenticeship schemes. However, nothing has been able to cease the dramatic decline. And as the councils are provided with more power, communities are looking to local government for answers to this problem.

The need for support around social and communication skills, and developing knowledge of workplace protocol is extremely apparent. The Government and businesses should be providing volunteer and internship programs and more workshops should be provided to teach young people CV writing and interview techniques,

Many young people come from backgrounds where unemployment is normal and they have rarely had an opportunity to develop their skills. Young people need to be given the confidence to identify their strengths and improve upon their weaknesses and they need to be prepared for rejection.

Apprenticeships are extremely beneficial for both the apprentice and the business. They encourage business development and they provide an exceptional working atmosphere. Also, with employers requesting high levels of experience or a degree, apprenticeships allow training on the job without it being costly to the business and provide young people with recognised qualifications and a platform to launch into their career. Apprenticeships place young people into employment without them having to compete with older, more qualified or disabled candidates.

Internships v Apprenticeship

Getting into work, or back into work can be very difficult. As hard as it is to find a job that suits you, it is just as difficult for companies to find employees that suit them, and if you are hard working and passionate then they do want you, it’s just that getting the opportunity to meet with such great employers is difficult. South London Jobs Fair is giving jobseekers this opportunity and will see a vast range of exhibitors with plenty of jobs with something that will suit you. With such a wide range of sectors available, you could go for an internship or apprenticeship in your chosen field. Internships can help the right candidate gain hands on industry experience, giving them the opportunity to work their way up the ladder. Apprenticeships are also very beneficial as you will earn money whilst gaining a qualification in your chosen area.