Does volunteering help boost your career?

When it comes to finding work, a lot of employers want a capable and qualified candidate, but one of the most important things they seek in a potential employee is a positive attitude towards their community and evidence of a good and proactive work ethic. There are a lot of people who will be more or as qualified as you are, and when an employer is choosing between two people with the same credentials they often look for what a person has achieved outside of their career.

Volunteering is not only a brilliant way for people to give back to their community; it is also hugely beneficial to the individual and their potential employer.

However, volunteering is indisputably essential in building confidence, skills and character to prepare job seekers for the real world and there are many programs out there both nationally and internationally, however, in order for a volunteer to gain adequate training to present to a prospective employer, a volunteering program needs to be carefully chosen and the training provided should lead to some vocational opportunities.

To get out of this current economical situation, is volunteering or internships necessary? Or do we need to stimulate demand?


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