Blogging: A wage earner?

Creating a blog isn’t the first thing you think of when looking for jobs. There are thousands available; each with different content, and with social media becoming a vital stat on your CV, why wouldn’t you consider going down the route of a blog? Not only will it place you in a great position as a candidate as it showcases your writing skills, knowledge of blogging and social media, expresses your opinions and displays your marketing skills, it can also be a great hobby.

However, what if blogging could become a professional full time paid job? Being paid to create editorial content on personal blogs is an upcoming trend and an interesting debate – which we will go into later – with lots of bloggers accepting payment from various sources to review products and brands.

And in some cases, where bloggers do not want to compromise their editorial content or opinion, it is possible to find other methods of earning revenue through blogs which can include advertising, advising or working closely with other companies and adding content to their company blogs.

Either way, if you enjoy writing and you have a particular interest you feel passionately about, starting a blog is a good place to express your ideas, opinions, likes and dislikes and once you have an extensive list of subscribers you can start considering revenue options. And who knows, once your blog is established and you have found a niche in the market, you can consider blogging as a full time job. 


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